Sebastian Kirppu speaks out for forest biodiversity in an open letter to all EU Ministers of Environment.

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Along with ForestEthics and other foundation-dependent primary forest logging apologists, Greenpeace negotiates weak agreement that legitimizes continued old growth forest logging in exchange for vague promises of possible future protections.  Old forest greenwashing must end.

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"The Nature Conservancy of Canada is selling the forest to save the trees. The group is raising millions from its protected forest land by selling carbon credits for protecting the land."

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Threat against 1,3 million hectares

in Russian Karelia

Old-growth forest in Russian Karelia. September 2011. Photo: Robert Svensson


The government of the Russian republic of Karelia has recently proposed to cancel the previous agreement for protection of high conservation value forests. The proposed changes in the land use plan would threaten more than 1.3 million hectares of old-growth forests and other ecosystems of high value in Karelia.

In all, the government’s new proposal would cancel 2/3 of all planned protected areas in Karelia. If these changes are carried out, some of Europe’s most valuable expanses of old-growth forests will be under threat of destruction. 

Scientists and NGOs have condemned these plans, and appeal for international support to urge the Karelian government to reject the proposal.  
The petition is an initiative of the Taiga Rescue Network, a global network of more than 100 organizations working with forest conservation issues and indigenous rights in the northern boreal forests.

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Press release 2011-11-08


Protect the Forest & Friends of the Earth Sweden - Press release - February 23rd, 2011