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Skydda skogen fick ett brev från ukrainsk miljörörelse som bad om hjälp med att sätta press på den ukrainska regeringen, som vill exploatera värdefullt skog i bergsområdet Svydovets i Karpaterna. Du kan läsa mer om detta här. Du kan också följa deras Facebook-sida, men den är mest på ryska. Skriv ett protestbrev du också och be andra organisationer att göra det! Nedan följer Skydda skogens brev.


To: Mr. Petro Porochenko,
President of the Republic of Ukraine

We write to you on account of the planned tourist resort in the Svydovets massif in the Carpathian mountains. We are concerned that the valuable nature in the area will be destroyed, with its rich flora and fauna. Deforestation will also lead to negative consequences in the area such as flooding and soil erosion, as ecologists in the Ukraine have warned.

Please think about the long-term consequences, instead of only short-term gains! Tourism can be a good source of local income, but we urge you to opt for a sustainable, long-term ecological tourism instead.

We are also concerned about over-exploitation of the Ukraine forests. In all the world, biodiversity and natural ecosystems are threatened, so also in the Ukraine. This also has consequences for humans, for example disturbances in hydrology and soil erosion.

We urge you to:
- annul the building permits for the tourist resort,
- refuse authorisation for a change in land use,
- protect the summits and the natural lakes in the massif by extending the neighbouring Natural Reserve,
- impose a reduction of the maximum yield permitted per hectare for wood cuts,
- encourage stronger controls of forest exploitation by civic organisations such as The Forest Guard (Lissova Varta).

David van der Spoel,
spokesperson for the environmental organization Protect the Forest Sweden