Visit of Swedish minister and forestry people to Brazil

The Swedish Minister for Rural Affairs, Sven-Erik Bucht, forestry researchers and timber industry representatives was visiting Brazil this week to promote the so-called ‘sustainable’ Swedish model of forestry and their vision of bio-economy. However, according to leading environmental scientists and the Swedish environmental movement, the Swedish model of forestry is far from sustainable. The Swedish

Mangrove flora in the Sundarbans.

Bangladeshi and Indian Prime Ministers urged to protect Sundarbans from coal-fired power plant

Today, more than 70 non-governmental organisations from around the world called for the cancellation of the proposed Rampal coal power plant, in an open letter to the governments of Bangladesh and India. The proposed 1320 megawatt Rampal plant, construction of which is planned to start soon, would threaten the world’s largest mangrove forest, the Sundarbans

FAO definition must recognize that plantations are not forests!

On 21 March, the International Day of Forests, 200 organisations are reminding the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) that its misleading forest definition dating back to 1948 must be changed. The definition has allowed the plantations industry to hide the devastating ecological and social impacts of large-scale monoculture tree plantations behind a positive forest

Forest like it was

“Forest Like It Was” is a trailer to the future movie about the shrinking forest of Scandinavia, the last Taiga. The plot is the invitation“Will we ever return to Taiga forest? Will we be able to see it through the eyes of the ancestors?” We will see and understand it in our future film. {youtube}rtX09Rw-MXE{/youtube}