IKEA and Swedwood Agree to Meet With Environmental Organizations

IKEA and Swedwood agree to meet with environmental organizations to discuss the loggings in Russian Karelia. Since this spring, IKEA and Swedwood have been severely criticized fortheir logging in Russian Karelia by Protect the Forest and otherenvironmental organizations, including the Karelian organization SPOK.Read more about the criticism here (http://www.protecttheforest.se/ikea).  The campaign has grown andgained support

Save Karelia’s old-growth forests

  Threat against 1,3 million hectares in Russian Karelia Old-growth forest in Russian Karelia. September 2011. Photo: Robert Svensson   The government of the Russian republic of Karelia has recently proposed to cancel the previous agreement for protection of high conservation value forests. The proposed changes in the land use plan would threaten more than