Action Alert: Protect Moscow’s Khimki Forest and Russia’s Other Old Forest Remnants from Roadways and Ecocidal Industrial Capitalism

“Activists continue to battle road construction equipment in the old-growth Khimki Forest just outside of Moscow, setting an example for old forest protectors and global ecological sustainability protestors globally. Industrial development that destroys ecosystems is ecocidal, destroying possibility for future human advancement. For years Russian activists and journalists have survived beatings, arrests and intimidation to

Action Alert: Papua New Guinea: Push for Commission of Inquiry into Illegal Rainforest Logging/Oil Palm Land Grabs

“Papua New Guinea (PNG) has some of the world’s largest rainforests but sadly industrial logging and oil palm are booming. “Special Agriculture and Business Leases” covering 5.2 million hectares (12.8 million acres) have been granted 74 times by the PNG government over recent years, skirting forestry laws and allowing clearcuts of primary rainforests on customary