International call: Protect EU’s natural heritage in the North

Today, as EU’s forest directors meet in Sweden, 260 scientists, indigenous Sámi groups, and over 60 NGOs – representing millions of committed members and supporters –  have joined forces in an appeal to Protect EU´s natural heritage in the north.  In a holistic vision for Swedish forests, we outline five demands for how Swedish

Appeal to protect EU’s natural heritage in the north 

While Sweden currently holds the EU presidency, the Swedish forest industry and the government try to weaken and stop important legislative initiatives at the EU level (1). Today, as the EU Environmental ministers meet in Sweden, scientists and civil society launch a joint appeal calling for counteraction: Protect EU´s natural heritage in the north.  “The

Protect the Forest to the Swedish government: Clear-cutting of Sweden’s forests is a scandal, don’t let it continue!

Tomorrow, the EU’s energy ministers will vote on LULUCF regarding proposed increased carbon sinks in the EU, something that Sweden intends to vote against. “Shameful and ignorant,” says Protect the Forest. The NGO urges the Swedish government to stop turning a blind eye to the gigantic environmental disaster that is underway. In the appeal to

Repeated violations when Södra Skogsägarna carry out logging in Småland’s forests

Södra Skogsägarna have time and again logged forests with protected species in the county of Småland, Sweden. They have cut down old trees that should have been protected, they log sensitive biotopes and they have bought up timber from nature reserves. They have violated the Species Protection Ordinance, the Forest Protection Act, the Environmental Code

Forest with high conservation values to be logged at Gallsjön – authorities do not act for conservation

Over 60 hectares of forest with high conservation values ​​are now registered for logging at Gallsjön in Vimmerby municipality, Småland. This weekend, members from Protect the Forest and the forest group in Oskarshamnsbygden’s Bird Club investigated the area. Several nature associations have tried to secure protection for the entire forest, an area of ​​over 300