Swedish state-owned forest company Sveaskog has logged trees in Hedlandet nature reserve. The timber will be used for energy purposes. Photo: Kristina Bäck.

Leaked EU proposal for biomass reform denounced as dangerous greenwashing by NGOs

Advocates insist on science-based policies to protect forests and the climate A leaked draft previewing potential changes to criteria that qualify forest biomass under the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED) is just window-dressing, according to NGOs who have been asking the EC for reforms. The groups are asking for the draft to be completely rejected and for forest

Södra Karatj Råvvåive. Foto: Mose Agestam.

Massive support for protecting Karatj-Råvvåive

Six environmental organizations and more than 11,000 people demand that the entire montane old-growth forest of Karatj-Råvvåive is protected as a nature reserve. Four thousand hectares of the area is still unprotected, and parts of the old-growth forest may be felled. The Karatj-Råvvåive forest covers a hundred square kilometers and lies in the Jokkmokk municipality

Kalhygge i Norrland

NGOs and indigenous communities to the EU: Protect forests and remove forest biomass from Renewable Energy Directive

Today, on the International Day of Forests, 24 NGOs and 44 indigenous communities send an open letter to the Presidents of the European Council and the European Commission and call on them to unite behind the best available science and remove forest biomass from the Renewable Energy Directive. They are also urged to protect EU’s

European Court of Justice: Sweden failed to protect species

The European Court of Justice announced (4 March 2021) that Sweden has not given sufficient consideration to species covered by the Habitats Directive. Stricter requirements when conducting interventions that affect the natural environment, such as wind turbines, road construction and forestry are now expected. “Protect the Forest Sweden has repeatedly brought this matter forward over