International Day of Forests- in Sweden logging is increasing

The International Day of Forests is initiated by the UN to raise awareness about forests and trees. This year’s theme is “Forest and climate change”. Several environmental organizations including Protect the Forest demand that EU’s ministers and leaders make decisions against burning forest for energy. Unfortunately, there is little awareness of protecting forests for the

Protect the Forest carried out an inventory in the unprotected Högsta forest

Last weekend Protect the Forest carried out an inventory in the Högsta forest, an unprotected natural forest in Haninge municipality. We didn’t get far before everyone stopped to take a closer look at the wood-living fungi Phellinidium ferrugineofuscum (NT), Porodaedalea chrysoloma (NT) and the lichen Felipes leucopellaeus, the wood-living fungi Fuscoporia viticola and Pyrola chlorantha,

Forest at Ryssbergen threatened: “Like tearing down Stockholm’s Old Town”

Members of Protect the Forest have once again visited Ryssbergen in Nacka municipality to show their support for the threatened forest there. The forest has pines that are over 300 years old and many red-listed species but despite this are parts of the forest still planned to be demolished. “Like demolishing houses in the Old

SCA plans to log forests with red-listed species: “Incomprehensible!”

FSC-certified SCA plans to log forests with very high conservation values ​​at Svarttjärnsåsen and Marktjärn in Ånge municipality in Sweden. Despite the fact that SCA has received information of the forests’ high conservation values and that they harbor many red-listed species, SCA has not withdrawn its felling notifications. Now the NGO Protect the Forest requests

Norrbyskogen in Haninge- exploitation instead of protection

Members of Protect the Forest have visited Norrbyskogen, an unprotected urban forest of 80 hectares near the lake of Drevviken in Haninge municipality, Stockholm. The municipality promised to protect Norrbyskogen in the 1980s, but it has not happened. Last year, the landowner Turbinen Entreprenad AB constructed a road into the forest, and the forestry company