Biologically valuable forest felled by Sveaskog north of Råmåsjön in Ecopark Ejheden. Photo: Leon Afsahi

Press release December 18, 2017

Sveaskog has felled more than 600 hectares of biologically valuable forests in Ore Forest Landscape in the county of Dalarna in Sweden since 2013. Recently, Sveaskog felled one more valuable forest in its Ecopark Ejheden. More forests are planned to be felled. 

Ore Forest Landscape is a large connected forest area with many biologically valuable forests in the county of Dalarna in Sweden. The area was mapped and inventoried by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) in 2011-2012. The inventory results were presented in a report about Ore Forest Landscape in 2013. The SSNC’s follow-up report “Logging continues” (2017) states that Sveaskog has felled over 600 hectares of biologically valuable forests since 2013.

“This is unacceptable. Ore Forest Landscape is one of the last and largest landscape areas in mid-Sweden where a large amount of old natural forest still remains. It is unique in the Swedish forest landscape of today. Now Sveaskog has intentionally fragmented many parts of this valuable area and more forests are planned to be logged,” said Helena Björnström who did inventories in the Ore forests during the summer and autumn of 2017.

Sveaskog felled a biologically valuable forest at Brännvinsberget during the winter 2016-2017. Over 150 findings of 26 red-listed species were made in that forest prior to the felling. In the beginning of December 2017, a forest with high biological values was felled by Sveaskog north of Råmåsjön in Ecopark Ejheden in Ore Forest Landscape. In this forest, some of the pine trees were older than 200 years old and during a short inventory visit during the summer, 13 red-listed indicator species were found, of which 10 were red-listed.

Sveaskog is a Swedish state-owned FSC-certified forest company which means that the company should demonstrate environmental consideration and not fell high conservation value forests. According to the FSC standard, consultations shall be maintained with people and groups directly affected by management operations. 

“The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation has not been informed or contacted by Sveaskog regarding any of the forests it has felled in Ore Forest Landscape except for Brännvinsberget where Sveaskog chose to log the forest despite very high conservation values,” said Margareta Wikström. Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Rättvik.

Despite of protests from several different environmental NGOs, Sveaskog is planning to log biologically valuable forest in the north part of Brännvinsberget, Nyslogtjärnen, Stormyren, Grästjärnarna and South Ormtjärnen. Parts of what is planned to be felled lies within Sveaskog’s Ecopark Ejheden. No consultation has been maintained regarding any of these planned fellings.  

According to the Ecopark Plan, Sveaskog is planning to fell additional high conservation value forests such as Tjäderlekstjärnen which is a part of a natural forest landscape which has not yet been fragmented. 

Read more in the report  “Logging continues” (2017).


Helena Björnström, inventerare, Ore Skogsrike, +46 (0)70-428 43 65, helena_bns(@)

Margareta Wikström, Naturskyddsföreningen i Rättvik, +46 (0)70-668 71 46, margareta.wikstrom(@)

Bengt Oldhammer, rapportförfattare, Ore Skogsrike, +46 (0)70-334 33 82, bengt.oldhammer(@)

Felled pine tree which is 210 years old in Ore Forest Landscape within the Ecopark Ejheden. Photo: Helena Björnström.
Welcome to Ecopark Ejheden where many forests have been felled by Sveaskog. Photo: Helena Björnström