A segment from the German documentary ‘Who is protecting out forests?’.

The Forest Stewardship Council is the international organisation which sets standards on timber products to make sure that the world’s forests are managed responsibly. But does the organisation really protect the biodiversity of our forests? 

Valuable tropical forest is logged in Congo and the Amazon. Indigenous people lose their land. Forests are illegally logged in Cambodia and sold on the international market as FSC-certified via Vietnam. High conservation value forests are clear-cut in Sweden and Russia and replaced by tree plantations.

“This is not sustainable forestry. This is killing forestry. This is how you kill the ecosystem of the forest in Sweden”, says forest expert Sebastian Kirppu.

In the documentary, it is stated that the clear-cuts in Sweden would be illegal in Germany and France but in Sweden they are legal.

What has the FSC achieved since the organization was founded 25 years ago? A dramatically accelerating deforestation of the Earth.

Watch the German TV documentary about the FSC; ‘Who is protecting out forests?’ here.