The monoculture pine plantation in Kachung. Native species are cleared to make way for large tracts of single species pine and eucalypt. Photo: Kristen Lyons.

Yesterday, Oakland Institute sent a letter together with Protect the Forest, Climate Action Sweden, Friends of the Earth Sweden, Nature and Youth Norway, Timberwatch South Africa and Justica Ambiental i Mozambique to the Swedish Energy Agency regarding its Emissions Reductions Purchase Agreement with the Norwegian company Green Resources in Kachung in Uganda.

The Swedish Energy Agency has purchased carbon credits from a large Green Resources alien tree plantation (over 2,000 hectares) in Kachung in Uganda which has resulted in loss of lands, livelihoods and increased hunger for the local communities. The Agency has previously claimed that it suspended its payments to Green Resources and has been reassessing whether to resume the payments or not. However, it may turn out that the Swedish Energy Agency never suspended its payments to Green Resources.

Read the letter from the seven non-governmental organisations to the Swedish Energy Agency demanding that the Agency cancels its relationship with Green Resources here.

Please sign this action alert demanding justice for villagers in Kachung and Bukaleba in Uganda.