A large proportion of the forests logged in Sweden are exported as raw material, paper, pulp and other wood products to countries such as UK, Germany and USA. Customers in these countries usually receive guarantees from the Swedish forest industry that these products are produced in a sustainable way. Protect the Forest and other environmental organizations testify that Swedish forest companies’ forest operations often are far from being sustainable in an environmental and social (consideration to local population) perspective. There are numerous examples of FSC-certified companies logging old-growth forests with high conservation values and violating other criteria in the environmental certification rules.

We urge all concerned and customers in the countries that import forest products from Sweden to acquaint themselves with and to highlight the situation of the Swedish forests. We have to stop the destruction of Europe’s last old-growth forests and in order to do this we need to cooperate internationally over the borders.

Please, help protect Swedish old-growth forests by spreading knowledge and information within your network contacts and to the media, by supporting the work of Protect the Forest with a donation and by participating in petitions addressed to decision makers. Please, also contact companies importing and exporting wood fibre products and ask questions about their work and demand a sustainable forestry. Examples of big operators within the Swedish forest industry are: Stora Enso, Holmen skog, SCA, Sveaskog, Bergvik skog, Södra, Mellanskog and Norra Skogsägarna. Another way to favor and highlight the multi-use of the Swedish nature is to visit the country as an ecotourist.

Please browse this website for more detailed information on the state of the Swedish forest and the work that we do. We also recommend our special website on Climate and Forest that contains many articles about the special role of forests in solving the climate problem based on a large amount of recent scientific literature.