Protect the Forest - now!

Forest ecosystems cover 70% of Swedish land. Natural forests store large amounts of carbon, they affect the climate, clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. Forests are also home to a myriad of lifeforms and they are the foundation for ecosystem functions that we depend on.

Climate and Forest

The natural forests of the world play a key role in stabilising the climate. Clearcuts and the paper industry cause enormous emissions of greenhouse gases.

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Forests are the largest land-based ecosystem in Sweden hosting a rich biodiversity. But forest plants, fungi and animals are all threatened by intensive forestry.

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Multi-use of forest resources

A healthy forest ecosystem is the foundation for humans to thrive as long as it is managed within the local ecosystem boundaries.

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Multiple-use of the forest

Sadly enough, forests in Sweden are managed in a manner that not only threatens animals and plants, but that also precludes any other means of livelihood or usage. Multiple-use includes for instance recreation and public health, an attractive landscape scenery, clean water environments, hunting, fishing, using the forest as a pantry (sustainable use of natural

Forest and Crop Biomass Can Never Ecologically Sustainably Power Industrial Society

ACTION ALERT                    PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY! By Rainforest Rescue with Ecological Internet & April 28, 2009 TAKE ACTION HERE NOW: No Biomass/No Burning! Truly renewable energy must be defined as including no energy production or climate mitigation claims from food based agrofuels, live plants and ecosystems, or burning biomass of any type. BRIEF


The Organization

Protect the Forest is a Swedish non-profit nature conservation organization focusing on forests. The organization Protect the Forest was established in January 2009 by people engaged in forest issues from the whole country, because of the critical situation of the forest and the threats against the biological diversity. We work to protect Sweden’s old-growth forests



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