Protect the Forest - now!

Forest ecosystems cover 70% of Swedish land. Natural forests store large amounts of carbon, they affect the climate, clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. Forests are also home to a myriad of lifeforms and they are the foundation for ecosystem functions that we depend on.

Climate and Forest

The natural forests of the world play a key role in stabilising the climate. Clearcuts and the paper industry cause enormous emissions of greenhouse gases.

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Forests are the largest land-based ecosystem in Sweden hosting a rich biodiversity. But forest plants, fungi and animals are all threatened by intensive forestry.

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Multi-use of forest resources

A healthy forest ecosystem is the foundation for humans to thrive as long as it is managed within the local ecosystem boundaries.

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Letter with Demands: Stop Logging in Tyresta Nature Reserve

Members of Protect the Forest and the group Save Tyresta (Rädda Tyresta) have sent a letter to the Tyresta Forest Foundation (Stiftelsen Tyrestaskogen) demanding them to stop cutting down old trees in Tyresta Nature Reserve.  Many misdirected management measures have occurred in the nature reserve in recent years, including thinning out and felling of old

Protect the Forest in threatened forest on the island of Ornö: The entire forest needs protection

During the past few days, members of Protect the Forest, together with Ornö residents, have inventoried threatened forest on the island of Ornö in the Stockholm archipelago. A road has been built into unprotected forest, which most likely means that the landowner intends to do logging there. The entire forest is worth protecting: It harbours

Protect the Forest in Trolldalen, Nacka: Supports fight for forest

Today, members from Skydda Skogen were in Trolldalen on the Sickla peninsula in Nacka municipality to show their support for those who are trying to save the threatened Trolldalen forest. Half the forest will be removed for housing-  despite high natural values, both red-listed and protected species and many old trees. A better solution is

Protect the Forest at Ryssbergen in Nacka Municipality, supports the fight for the forest

Last Friday, members from Protect the Forest visited Ryssbergen in Nacka Municipality to show support for the threatened forest there and in connection with Fridays for Future. The urban forest at Ryssbergen has the character of a primeval forest with pine trees that are over 300 years old, but despite this, Nacka Municipality is planning

The Tyresta Forest Foundation is felling old trees in Tyresta Nature Reserve

The Tyresta Forest Foundation (Stiftelsen Tyrestaskogen) is logging forest in the Tyresta Nature Reserve, a protected area. Both old pines and spruce trees have been felled at the Coastal Trail (Kustleden) and the Foundation continues to fell and thin out forest. A new change in the nature reserve’s management plan allows free-cutting around pine trees