Protect the Forest - now!

Forest ecosystems cover 70% of Swedish land. Natural forests store large amounts of carbon, they affect the climate, clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. Forests are also home to a myriad of lifeforms and they are the foundation for ecosystem functions that we depend on.

Climate and Forest

The natural forests of the world play a key role in stabilising the climate. Clearcuts and the paper industry cause enormous emissions of greenhouse gases.

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Forests are the largest land-based ecosystem in Sweden hosting a rich biodiversity. But forest plants, fungi and animals are all threatened by intensive forestry.

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Multi-use of forest resources

A healthy forest ecosystem is the foundation for humans to thrive as long as it is managed within the local ecosystem boundaries.

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Appeal against logging in Risveden – red-listed forest birds don’t thrive in clear-cuts!

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Norra Älvsborg has submitted an appeal to the Swedish Forestry Agency against Sydved’s planned logging of forest with high conservation values at Angertuvan in Risveden, county of Västergötland, Sweden. The forest is the home for the red-listed birds black woodpecker, lesser-spotted woodpecker, goshawk and willow tit, and is

The County Administrative Board reports Tyresta Forest Foundation to the Police for cutting down old trees in the Tyresta Nature Reserve

Protect the Forest has previously drawn attention to the Tyresta Forest Foundation (Stiftelsen Tyrestaskogen) who have cut down many old trees in the Tyresta Nature Reserve. Now the Gotland County Administrative Board has reported the Tyresta Forest Foundation to the Police because of felling old trees in the reserve. Members from the NGO’s Protect the

Protect the Forest Supports Global Climate Strike

“To achieve climate justice, we must break the influence that the fossil fuel companies, as well as their banks and investors have on the world,” said Fridays for Future. Protect the Forest was in Stockholm on Friday and supported Fridays for Future’s global climate strike “End Fossil Finance”, a march to all the big banks

Critically endangered moss disappeared during forest felling in Stor-Gravberget

The forestry company SCA cut down forests with the critically endangered wood moss, Cephalozia macounii. The forest area is called Stor-Gravberget and is located approximately 10 km west of Ånge in Västernorrland County. The deforestation/logging was a violation of all nature conservation criteria in the FSC standard. It was a violation of Swedish law, because

SCA has logged a forest with very high conservation values ​​- a violation of FSC, the Environmental Code and the Species Protection Ordinance

The FSC-certified forest company SCA has clear-cut forest with very high conservation values ​​at Orrmyrarna in Sollefteå municipality, Sweden. An environmental crime, according to Näsåker’s forest group and Skogsvärn Skogsnäs. In the forest, there was the red-listed marsh tit, which cannot withstand logging, 1,000s of red listed orchids Goodyera repens and many red listed wood-living