Protect the Forest - now!

Forest ecosystems cover 70% of Swedish land. Natural forests store large amounts of carbon, they affect the climate, clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. Forests are also home to a myriad of lifeforms and they are the foundation for ecosystem functions that we depend on.

Climate and Forest

The natural forests of the world play a key role in stabilising the climate. Clearcuts and the paper industry cause enormous emissions of greenhouse gases.

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Forests are the largest land-based ecosystem in Sweden hosting a rich biodiversity. But forest plants, fungi and animals are all threatened by intensive forestry.

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Multi-use of forest resources

A healthy forest ecosystem is the foundation for humans to thrive as long as it is managed within the local ecosystem boundaries.

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Planned Nature Reserve in Swedish Lapland Threatened by Green-Washing Scheme

Karatj-Råvvåive in northern Sweden from above. Photo: Mose Agestam. Subalpine old-growth forest in Karatj-Råvvåive in northern Sweden, which previously was meant to become a nature reserve, is now at risk of being logged. Authorities are investigating the possibility to establish a so-called eco-park instead of giving the area formal and long-term protection. The organization Protect

Criticism against Stora Enso in Estonia

Piles of logged wood from a felled forest in Estonia. Photo: Karl Adami. The environmental NGO Estonian Forest Aid is critical against the forest company Stora Enso’s forest logging in Estonia.  In a letter, they urge Stora Enso to shift to contemporary forest management practices in accordance to biodiversity and climate goals which also show consideration to birds’

Feedback on EU’s 2030 Climate Target Plan

Protecting forests is essential to safeguard biodiversity and mitigate climate change, writes Protect the Forest in its feedback on EU’s 2030 Climate Target Plan. Protect the Forest has given feedback on EU’s 2030 Climate Target Plan. Read the full feedback from Protect the Forest here: There is a climate and biodiversity crisis in the world, and