Protect the Forest - now!

Forest ecosystems cover 70% of Swedish land. Natural forests store large amounts of carbon, they affect the climate, clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. Forests are also home to a myriad of lifeforms and they are the foundation for ecosystem functions that we depend on.

Climate and Forest

The natural forests of the world play a key role in stabilising the climate. Clearcuts and the paper industry cause enormous emissions of greenhouse gases.

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Forests are the largest land-based ecosystem in Sweden hosting a rich biodiversity. But forest plants, fungi and animals are all threatened by intensive forestry.

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Multi-use of forest resources

A healthy forest ecosystem is the foundation for humans to thrive as long as it is managed within the local ecosystem boundaries.

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Protect the Forest demonstrated outside the Swedish Parliament

Last Friday, members of Protect the Forest demonstrated outside Riksdagen, (the Parliament in Stockholm) with a banner saying “Protect the Forest” and Extinction Rebellion’s choir sang climate songs. Earlier in the morning, Fridays for Future were there. Protect the Forest emphasizes that clear-cutting and logging is accelerating in Sweden although we are in a climate

Forestry group finds hundreds of red-listed orchids in the Church’s forest that is planned for logging

Last weekend, Protect the Forest’s new local group in Eskilstuna municipality had its first meeting and was out inventorying the forest that Strängnäs Stift (part of the Swedish Church) has planned to clear-cut at Tandersten. The forestry group found over ten new premises for the protected and red-listed orchid Goodyera repens in the area, which

The Hammarby Forest is being exploited after 10 years of protests

Members from Protected the Forest have visited the urgently threatened Hammarby Forest south of Stockholm to show their support. The Hammarby Forest is a green wedge and dispersal route for species between Årsta forest nature reserve and Nacka nature reserve. Despite protests, Stockholm Vatten och Avfall AB (SVOA) has blocked off the forest and cut

Lesser spotted woodpecker stops construction plan in urban forest after appeal

Environmentally committed citizens have succeeded in stopping construction plans of 130 flats in Solberga Forest south of Stockholm, after appealing to the Land and Environment Supreme Court. The lesser spotted woodpecker, which is included in the Species Protection Ordinance, breeds in the forest. Just before Christmas, the Land and Environment Supreme Court annulled the detailed