IKEA and Swedwood agree to meet with environmental organizations to discuss the loggings in Russian Karelia.

Since this spring, IKEA and Swedwood have been severely criticized fortheir logging in Russian Karelia by Protect the Forest and otherenvironmental organizations, including the Karelian organization SPOK.Read more about the criticism here (http://www.protecttheforest.se/ikea). 

The campaign has grown andgained support around the world, and more than a hundred thousandpeople have signed to protest IKEA’s destruction of natural forest.

Now IKEA and Swedwood has accepted an invitation to meet with Protectthe Forest, Friends of the Earth Sweden, SPOK, and Greenpeace Russiato discuss the loggings in Karelia.

“The meeting will take place during the fall,” says Linda EllegaardNordström, board member of Protect the Forest. “We hope that IKEA andSwedwood will listen to thecriticism from customers and environmental organizations, and stoplogging valuable natural forest.”

Invitation to meeting 2012-11-16

Press contacts:

Linda Ellegaard Nordström, board member of Protect the Forest +004670-25 411 48Elin Götmark, board member of Protect the Forest, +004670-67 87 423