Protect the Forest states:

  • The trees’ natural rotation period can often be 200 to 1000 years, which is strongly contrasted to the rotation periods of the forestry.
  • The forestry sector in its current form is an exploitative industry that is not sustainable.
  • Mainly, the benefits from the forestry do not gain those who work with or live in the forest.
  • The forest management in Sweden is carried out by practices that not only are to the disadvantage of animals and plants, but that also make it more difficult for other human livelihoods, or other ways to use the forest with so called multiple-use.
  • The degradation of the forest and its biodiversity rapidly proceeds despite the recent decades’ increased nature conservation efforts.

Protect the Forest wants:

Sub-alpine forests to be excluded from logging.

All old-growth forests to be protected.

At least 20 % of the productive forest land to be permanently protected.

The average age of the forest to be increased.

The dominant forest management practices of today to be replaced with nature-oriented forestry.

Old trees in all environments to be preserved.

Overgrown pastures with old trees to be restored and maintained.

Special efforts to protect particularly threatened species.

The forest as a habitat for people to be protected.

All the values of the forest to be protect so that multi-use is benefited.

Protect the Forest safeguards the Swedish Right of Public Access (a unique right to roam freely in nature as long as we show consideration).