Please sign this action alert demanding justice for villagers in Kachung and Bukaleba in Uganda.

The operations of the Norwegian industrial forestry plantation and carbon offset company Green Resources have resulted in loss of lands, livelihoods and increased hunger for the local communities at Kachung and Bukaleba in Uganda.

The Swedish Energy Agency purchases carbon credits from a large Green Resources alien tree plantation (over 2,000 hectares) in Kachung in Uganda. The Agency has signed a 20 year contract agreement (year 2012-2032) with Green Resources and is currently reassessing whether to resume payments to Green Resources or not. Demand that the Swedish Energy Agency suspends its future payments to Green Resources and cancels the deal for purchase of carbon credits.

Here is an excerpt from Swedish TV4 Kalla Fakta ‘The Forbidden Forest’ regarding the Swedish Energy Agency’s purchase of carbon credits from Kachung, Uganda (2015).

On the 16th of March, 12 NGOs such as Oakland Institute, Protect the Forest, Afrikagrupperna, Climate Action Sweden and Friends of the Earth Sweden, sent an open letter to Green Resources. In the letter, the Norwegian company is urged to allow the villagers to continue to cultivate the land using low impact small-scale subsistence farming methods, and be permitted to graze their animals. The vegetation in the Kachung also needs to be restored to a more natural state using locally indigenous trees instead of monocultural plantations. Norway also needs to cut its national greenhouse gas emissions by finding ways both to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency, as well as increasing carbon storage protecting old natural forests and bringing degraded forests a more natural state, instead of transferring its environmental burden to poor communities that neither contribute to, or benefit from, the corresponding carbon generating activities.