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Sign petition: Stop wrecking our climate – ditch plans to build the UK’s biggest gas plant

Drax is the UK’s single largest emitter of carbon dioxide. Its power station causes serious harm to the climate and the environment by burning more coal than any other UK plant and more wood than any other plant in the world. Much of the wood comes from the clearcutting of carbon rich forests in the southern US which lie at the heart of a global biodiversity hotspot.

In order to meet the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement, it is vital for the UK to phase out carbon emissions from fossil fuels and high-carbon biomass, not increase them. Permitting power stations such as Drax to burn large quantities of natural gas will push us beyond the 1.5 degree limit and prevent the UK from meeting its international climate change commitments. 

Climate change is bringing drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty to hundreds of millions of people, and air pollution in the UK is causing tens of thousands of premature deaths each year. The UK government should be reducing energy demand and shifting to clean energy, but instead it’s considering allowing the UK’s biggest coal plant to turn into the country’s biggest gas plant – and to pump our atmosphere full of dirty emissions for decades to come.

Please sign to stop Drax building the UK’s biggest gas plant here.