The WeMove petition, which is supported by Protect the Forest and more than 60 other NGOs, calls on EU policymakers and EU Member States to end subsidies and other incentives for burning forest wood. Instead, energy efficiency and true low-emissions renewable energy sources should be supported. Overall, forest protection and restoration need to be prioritised and all EU policies need to safeguard our health, the climate and biodiversity.

The petition also calls for an exclusion of energy generated from burning forest wood from counting toward renewable energy targets.

Preserving nature and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change will require an extraordinary commitment to protect and restore natural forests. Yet, EU leaders are undermining our shared efforts to fight for our forests and the planet. EU policy is increasing forest logging and associated greenhouse gas emissions by misleadingly promoting the burning of forest wood as “zero carbon” renewable energy.

Let EU officials know that burning wood for fuel is a disaster for forests and the climate by signing this WeMove petition.