Press release, October 17, 2017
The clear-cut forest at Brännvinsberget where 40 red-listed and indicator species were found, before it was logged. Photo: Sebastian Kirppu.

The Swedish state-owned forest company Sveaskog has recently logged a valuable natural forest at Brännvinsberget in the municipality of Rättvik in the county of Dalarna in Sweden where 40 different red-listed and indicator species were found.

“It was definitely an area worth protecting, something we already stated in 2013. Despite our consultation with Sveaskog as well as visiting the site together with them, the forest was logged,” said Margareta Wikström, chairperson of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Rättvik. 

Since 2014, the recently logged forest at Brännvinsberget was part of an ongoing FSC complaints process. However, Sveaskog did not notify the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation prior to the felling.

“We are shocked. No one would ever think that a FSC certified company would log such a biologically valuable forest. This is definitely not a question of a so-called mistake,” said Margareta Wikström.

Sveaskog has also logged and recently notified many other high conservation value forests for final felling in Rättvik. This is shown in the inventory report “Logging continues“ (2017). The report states that Sveaskog has logged more than half of about 800 hectares of valuable forest in Brännvinsberget since 2011-2012, despite being aware of the natural values of the area. 

”The image of Sveaskog as a company caring for nature is on the verge of being completely wrecked. Its forestry violates the environmental certification label FSC and the environmental objectives of the Swedish Parliament.”

“The owner directives of Sveaskog must change and our politicians need to put their foot down. Sweden should be a role model and Sveaskog must protect all high conservation value forests. All serious politicians must stand up for these demands. The forestry economists should not be the ones to decide how the forestry should be conducted. A simple decision by the government can significantly increase the environmental considerations in Ore Forest Landscape, without extra costs in the budget,” said Margareta Wikström.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation hopes for a possibility to reach a quick conclusion because Sveaskog is the main land owner in the area. The WWF chose the Ore Forest Landscape to be one of Sweden’s Natural Pearls in 2015 due to its very valuable and beautiful nature. It is a unique forest landscape in Sweden and Western Europe with natural pine forest. Its natural values have been documented in about ten different inventory reports.

The inventory report “Logging continues – A report from Ore Forest Landscape 2017 with an analysis of the nature conservation ambitions of Sveaskog” is written by Sebastian Kirppu, Helena Björnström and Bengt Oldhammer. The inventories were carried out during the summer and autumn of 2017 on behalf of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Rättvik. The report is a follow-up of the report “Ore Skogsrike – A living forest landscape in the municipality of Rättvik. Inventories of valuable forests conducted in 2011-2013” (2013; only available in Swedish).

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