Forest ​​in Risveden planned for logging, landowners say no to nature reserve

Four landowners plan to log a forest with high conservation values at Björns Kvarn in Risveden, Ale municipality in the county of Västergötland. The landowners have refused compensation from the County Administrative Board so that a nature reserve can be formed and the Swedish Forestry Agency now approves logging instead. Several red-listed species live in

Maintenance measures in the Tyresta Nature Reserve criticized: Thinning, felling of old trees and dead wood removed

In several places where the Tyresta Forest Foundation (Stiftelsen Tyrestaskogen) has carried out management measures in the Tyresta Nature Reserve, they have clear-cut forests, thinned out old pine and spruce forests and removed dead wood without inventorying the forests first. Changes have now been made to the management plan, which means that the Foundation can

Kärrtorp’s Eastern Forest: Threatened by exploitation although there are many red-listed species

Kärrtorp’s Eastern Forest, in southern Stockholm, is a deciduous forest of approximately 7 hectares, largely wetland and some pine forest. 72 nature conservation species have been observed, of which 17 are red-listed species, e.g. lesser spotted woodpecker (NT), frogs and bats. 600 flats are planned to be built in the forest and to be able

Protect the Forest in threatened forest on the island of Ornö: The entire forest needs protection

During the past few days, members of Protect the Forest, together with Ornö residents, have inventoried threatened forest on the island of Ornö in the Stockholm archipelago. A road has been built into unprotected forest, which most likely means that the landowner intends to do logging there. The entire forest is worth protecting: It harbours

The Tyresta Forest Foundation is felling old trees in Tyresta Nature Reserve

The Tyresta Forest Foundation (Stiftelsen Tyrestaskogen) is logging forest in the Tyresta Nature Reserve, a protected area. Both old pines and spruce trees have been felled at the Coastal Trail (Kustleden) and the Foundation continues to fell and thin out forest. A new change in the nature reserve’s management plan allows free-cutting around pine trees