Protect the Forest’s Lina Burnelius on COP26: “Do not listen to Sweden!”

Global attention tends to focus on the loss of tropical rainforests while the logging of carbon-rich primary and older forests in Canada, Russia and Sweden often is overlooked. Lina Burnelius, project leader and international coordinator at Protect the Forest, participated in a panel during the COP26 in Glasgow organized by Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC). 

Sundays for Forests raises awareness of forest biodiversity loss

Sundays for Forests will be launched for the first time in Sweden and in the world on the 31st of January. The day is inspired by the Fridays for Future movement. The purpose is to raise awareness of the loss of biodiversity in the forest. The organizers encourage other organizations and individuals to arrange Sundays

Act now: Time to swamp the internet with images of Swedish forest exploitation

  The new website (in English: forestry misuse) encourages people to  take action and svamp the internet with images and videos to show how terribly bad the forest situation is in Sweden. On the website, a number of images can be downloaded for free and shared on social media by anyone, as long as the name of the photographer is mentioned under