LRF: Protected species must give way for forestry

The Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) believe that the Species Protection Ordinance continues to cause problems for Sweden’s forest owners and that forest owners are prohibited from using their own forest. Now they say that a comprehensive solution is needed. This despite the fact that formal protection of forests mainly take place on the voluntary

Protect the Forest in Trolldalen, Nacka: Supports fight for forest

Today, members from Skydda Skogen were in Trolldalen on the Sickla peninsula in Nacka municipality to show their support for those who are trying to save the threatened Trolldalen forest. Half the forest will be removed for housing-  despite high natural values, both red-listed and protected species and many old trees. A better solution is

Twelve environmental organisations to the European Commission: Ministers ignore scientific evidence in their lobby letter to the Commission

In January, several ministers from various EU member states, including Sweden’s Minister for Energy and Digital Development, Khashayar Farmanbar, sent a letter to the European Commission about bioenergy’s role in order to mitigate climate change. Twelve environmental organisations from the same member states as the ministers are now sending an open letter stating that the burning of forest biomass should not be included in

The Swedish state-owned forest company Sveaskog has clear-cut a large forest area, important for Laitavaara Sámi reindeer district in the north of Sweden. Photo: Marcus Westberg.

Sweden’s unsustainable forestry exposed at forest program’s annual conference

Last week (on the 14th of February) the Swedish Forest Program’s annual conference took place. The conference gave stakeholders opportunities to reflect about Swedish forestry and how it is affected by the EU. Criticism is raised by Protect the Forest Sweden: ‘It is evident that Swedish forestry is not sustainable’.  Both the Swedish Minister for

Protect the Forest’s Lina Burnelius on COP26: “Do not listen to Sweden!”

Global attention tends to focus on the loss of tropical rainforests while the logging of carbon-rich primary and older forests in Canada, Russia and Sweden often is overlooked. Lina Burnelius, project leader and international coordinator at Protect the Forest, participated in a panel during the COP26 in Glasgow organized by Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC).