550 scientists in open letter: Reduce logging throughout the EU

550 scientists have sent an open letter urging the EU leadership to reduce logging throughout the EU- to mitigate climate change and the loss of biodiversity. The scientists send the appeal ahead of final Brussels negotiations where EU legislation on renewable energy, forestry and nature restoration until 2030 is to be determined. “Climate-smart forestry is

Protect the Forest demonstrated outside the Swedish Parliament

Last Friday, members of Protect the Forest demonstrated outside Riksdagen, (the Parliament in Stockholm) with a banner saying “Protect the Forest” and Extinction Rebellion’s choir sang climate songs. Earlier in the morning, Fridays for Future were there. Protect the Forest emphasizes that clear-cutting and logging is accelerating in Sweden although we are in a climate

Kärrtorp’s Eastern Forest: Threatened by exploitation although there are many red-listed species

Kärrtorp’s Eastern Forest, in southern Stockholm, is a deciduous forest of approximately 7 hectares, largely wetland and some pine forest. 72 nature conservation species have been observed, of which 17 are red-listed species, e.g. lesser spotted woodpecker (NT), frogs and bats. 600 flats are planned to be built in the forest and to be able

Protect the Forest in Trolldalen, Nacka: Supports fight for forest

Today, members from Skydda Skogen were in Trolldalen on the Sickla peninsula in Nacka municipality to show their support for those who are trying to save the threatened Trolldalen forest. Half the forest will be removed for housing-  despite high natural values, both red-listed and protected species and many old trees. A better solution is

Protect the Forest at Ryssbergen in Nacka Municipality, supports the fight for the forest

Last Friday, members from Protect the Forest visited Ryssbergen in Nacka Municipality to show support for the threatened forest there and in connection with Fridays for Future. The urban forest at Ryssbergen has the character of a primeval forest with pine trees that are over 300 years old, but despite this, Nacka Municipality is planning