En nygjord skogsbilväg är anlagd i området Vargtjärnen där SCA har avverkningsanmält över 200 ha skog. Foto: Forskningsresan 2022.

Sweden fails to protect species – old-growth forests planned for logging

The forest company SCA plans to clear-cut hundreds of hectares of natural forest with high conservation values in Västernorrland county in Sweden. The NGOs Protect the Forest and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) have surveyed the forests and found 70 red-listed species. The two NGOs demand that the logging plans are withdrawn: “These

Norrbyskogen in Haninge- exploitation instead of protection

Members of Protect the Forest have visited Norrbyskogen, an unprotected urban forest of 80 hectares near the lake of Drevviken in Haninge municipality, Stockholm. The municipality promised to protect Norrbyskogen in the 1980s, but it has not happened. Last year, the landowner Turbinen Entreprenad AB constructed a road into the forest, and the forestry company

Forestry group finds hundreds of red-listed orchids in the Church’s forest that is planned for logging

Last weekend, Protect the Forest’s new local group in Eskilstuna municipality had its first meeting and was out inventorying the forest that Strängnäs Stift (part of the Swedish Church) has planned to clear-cut at Tandersten. The forestry group found over ten new premises for the protected and red-listed orchid Goodyera repens in the area, which

The Hammarby Forest is being exploited after 10 years of protests

Members from Protected the Forest have visited the urgently threatened Hammarby Forest south of Stockholm to show their support. The Hammarby Forest is a green wedge and dispersal route for species between Årsta forest nature reserve and Nacka nature reserve. Despite protests, Stockholm Vatten och Avfall AB (SVOA) has blocked off the forest and cut

Forest ​​in Risveden planned for logging, landowners say no to nature reserve

Four landowners plan to log a forest with high conservation values at Björns Kvarn in Risveden, Ale municipality in the county of Västergötland. The landowners have refused compensation from the County Administrative Board so that a nature reserve can be formed and the Swedish Forestry Agency now approves logging instead. Several red-listed species live in