59 scientists: Protect forests and remove forest biomass from Renewable Energy Directive

In an open letter, 59 scientists from 17 countries write that forest biomass need to be removed from the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII), and that massive efforts to protect and restore forests are needed: “We can’t wait 100 years for trees to grow back – we need to reduce emissions now.”   The open letter is a response to a

More of Everything – a film about Swedish forestry

With this film, we want to nuance and debunk the green saga that is spread about the Swedish forestry model. Because if the forest industries’ claims are not true, continuing to use and spread the model could jeopardize the climate and the ecosystems on which we all depend. In this film, a number of prominent, and

170 scientists demand protection of old-growth forests

In an appeal, initiated by the Swedish organization Protect the Forest, more than 170 scientistsdemand that the Swedish Government act and protect old-growth forests and other forests withhigh conservation values in Sweden, before it is too late. The appeal is supported by 19organizations and thousands of individuals, including members of the Swedish Parliament andcultural celebrities.