Demonstration outside the SCA’s headquarters in Sundsvall, Sweden. Photo: Fridays For Future.

Demonstration outside SCA’s headquarters: SCA must stop logging natural forests!

Yesterday, about 45 people from several organizations demonstrated against SCA’s logging of forests outside the company’s headquarters in Sundsvall, Sweden. Protect the Forest, Fridays for Future Sweden, Skogsvärn Näsåker, Greenpeace and The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation demand that SCA stops its systematic felling of forests with high conservation values. “We are protesting against SCA’s

Protect the Forest Supports Global Climate Strike

“To achieve climate justice, we must break the influence that the fossil fuel companies, as well as their banks and investors have on the world,” said Fridays for Future. Protect the Forest was in Stockholm on Friday and supported Fridays for Future’s global climate strike “End Fossil Finance”, a march to all the big banks

Protect the Forest demonstrated outside the Swedish Parliament with a banner

Members of Protect the Forest have demonstrated with a banner saying “Protect the Forest” outside the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm. We want to draw attention to the fact that Sweden’s forest policy has devastating consequences for biological diversity and the climate. Fridays for Future with Greta was as always on site at Mynttorget. To reduce

Protect the Forest demonstrated outside the Swedish Parliament

Last Friday, members of Protect the Forest demonstrated outside Riksdagen, (the Parliament in Stockholm) with a banner saying “Protect the Forest” and Extinction Rebellion’s choir sang climate songs. Earlier in the morning, Fridays for Future were there. Protect the Forest emphasizes that clear-cutting and logging is accelerating in Sweden although we are in a climate

Protect the Forest at Ryssbergen in Nacka Municipality, supports the fight for the forest

Last Friday, members from Protect the Forest visited Ryssbergen in Nacka Municipality to show support for the threatened forest there and in connection with Fridays for Future. The urban forest at Ryssbergen has the character of a primeval forest with pine trees that are over 300 years old, but despite this, Nacka Municipality is planning