IKEA and Swedwood Agree to Meet With Environmental Organizations

IKEA and Swedwood agree to meet with environmental organizations to discuss the loggings in Russian Karelia. Since this spring, IKEA and Swedwood have been severely criticized fortheir logging in Russian Karelia by Protect the Forest and other environmental organizations, including the Karelian organization SPOK. Read more about the criticism here. The campaign has grown and


Some of Europe’s last expanses of old-growth are threatened Karelia is home to some of Europe’s most valuable intact forests and old-growth forest tracts. Now Karelia’s forests are at risk of facing the same destiny as the rest off the forests of Fennoscandia, where little natural old-growth forests remain. Industrial logging in north-west Russia is

IKEA is lying to the public and to its customers

“IKEA does not use wood from intact old-growth forests” we can read on a sign at IKEA’s stores. This is a blatant lie. The non-governmental environmental organization Protect the Forest Sweden has gone to Russian Karelia and documented how IKEA clear-cuts ancient old-growth forests which have been identified as intact by Russian conservation specialists. Here

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BackgroundNorthern Europe had, until recently, large intact areas of old-growth forest. Remnants of these forests are located in a horseshoe shape running along the Scandes mountains in Norway and Sweden, up to the Lapp regions of northern Finland, and then to northwestern Russia. But today only a small part of Fennoscandia’s old-growth forests remain. In