160 year old forest is being logged while the County Administrative Board handles suspected environmental crime

A 120-160 year old mixed coniferous forest with protected bird species is being logged west of Bredsjöbäcken in Ljusnarsberg’s municipality. The logging continues despite that the County Administrative Board is investigating illegal land drainage and ditching in the area. Protect the Forest requests that the County Administrative Board in Örebro County immediately inforces an interim

Letter with Demands: Stop Logging in Tyresta Nature Reserve

Members of Protect the Forest and the group Save Tyresta (Rädda Tyresta) have sent a letter to the Tyresta Forest Foundation (Stiftelsen Tyrestaskogen) demanding them to stop cutting down old trees in Tyresta Nature Reserve.  Many misdirected management measures have occurred in the nature reserve in recent years, including thinning out and felling of old

The Tyresta Forest Foundation is felling old trees in Tyresta Nature Reserve

The Tyresta Forest Foundation (Stiftelsen Tyrestaskogen) is logging forest in the Tyresta Nature Reserve, a protected area. Both old pines and spruce trees have been felled at the Coastal Trail (Kustleden) and the Foundation continues to fell and thin out forest. A new change in the nature reserve’s management plan allows free-cutting around pine trees