Appeal against logging in Risveden – red-listed forest birds don’t thrive in clear-cuts!

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Norra Älvsborg has submitted an appeal to the Swedish Forestry Agency against Sydved’s planned logging of forest with high conservation values at Angertuvan in Risveden, county of Västergötland, Sweden. The forest is the home for the red-listed birds black woodpecker, lesser-spotted woodpecker, goshawk and willow tit, and is

Temporary stop for logging at Risveden, thanks to non-profit struggle

Non-profit environmentalists have succeeded in making authorities implement inhibition, ie temporary stop for logging, in a forest with high conservation values ​at Björn’s Kvarn, Risveden in the county of Västergötland, Sweden. In the meantime, an appeal against the logging notification has been submitted. The landowners have previously turned down the option of forming a nature

Forest ​​in Risveden planned for logging, landowners say no to nature reserve

Four landowners plan to log a forest with high conservation values at Björns Kvarn in Risveden, Ale municipality in the county of Västergötland. The landowners have refused compensation from the County Administrative Board so that a nature reserve can be formed and the Swedish Forestry Agency now approves logging instead. Several red-listed species live in