Södra Skogsägarna have been reported to the police for logging forests with protected species

The forest group of Tjust has reported the logging company Södra Skogsägarna to the police for several species’ protection violations in Kalmar county, Småland, Sweden. Previously, we wrote on Protect the Forest’s website about Södra Skogsägarna’s repeated violations of species protection when they cut down forests with high conservation values ​​in Småland. Now six violations

Repeated violations when Södra Skogsägarna carry out logging in Småland’s forests

Södra Skogsägarna have time and again logged forests with protected species in the county of Småland, Sweden. They have cut down old trees that should have been protected, they log sensitive biotopes and they have bought up timber from nature reserves. They have violated the Species Protection Ordinance, the Forest Protection Act, the Environmental Code

Den fridlysta och sårbara bomburklan (VU). Foto: Bengt Oldhammer.

Mellanskog plans to log a forest with the red-listed fungi Sarcosoma globosum – a globally threatened species

The logging company Mellanskog plans to log a spruce and pine forest with the vulnerable fungi Sarcosoma globosum (VU), also known as witches cauldron, at Ångvasslan north of Skattungbyn in the county of Dalarna, Sweden. Several red-listed species and indicator species have been found in the forest. Now the forest group in the Swedish Society

Appeal against logging in Risveden – red-listed forest birds don’t thrive in clear-cuts!

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Norra Älvsborg has submitted an appeal to the Swedish Forestry Agency against Sydved’s planned logging of forest with high conservation values at Angertuvan in Risveden, county of Västergötland, Sweden. The forest is the home for the red-listed birds black woodpecker, lesser-spotted woodpecker, goshawk and willow tit, and is

SCA has logged a forest with very high conservation values ​​- a violation of FSC, the Environmental Code and the Species Protection Ordinance

The FSC-certified forest company SCA has clear-cut forest with very high conservation values ​​at Orrmyrarna in Sollefteå municipality, Sweden. An environmental crime, according to Näsåker’s forest group and Skogsvärn Skogsnäs. In the forest, there was the red-listed marsh tit, which cannot withstand logging, 1,000s of red listed orchids Goodyera repens and many red listed wood-living