Lesser spotted woodpecker stops construction plan in urban forest after appeal

Environmentally committed citizens have succeeded in stopping construction plans of 130 flats in Solberga Forest south of Stockholm, after appealing to the Land and Environment Supreme Court. The lesser spotted woodpecker, which is included in the Species Protection Ordinance, breeds in the forest. Just before Christmas, the Land and Environment Supreme Court annulled the detailed

LRF: Protected species must give way for forestry

The Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) believe that the Species Protection Ordinance continues to cause problems for Sweden’s forest owners and that forest owners are prohibited from using their own forest. Now they say that a comprehensive solution is needed. This despite the fact that formal protection of forests mainly take place on the voluntary

En av Stockholms läns artrikaste kalkbarrskogar i Vamby i Norrtälje kommun är nu avverkad. Foto: Privat.

Illegal logging: Unique Swedish calcareous coniferous forest felled in Sweden in violation of the EU Habitats Directive – now another calcareous coniferous forest at risk

One of Stockholm County’s most species-rich calcareous coniferous forests with ground-living fungi was recently logged in Sweden. Calcareous spruce forest is a rare habitat type in need of special areas of conservation, according to the EU Habitats Directive. The logging in Stockholm County may thereby violate the EU Habitats Directive as well as Swedish law.