Södra Skogsägarna have been reported to the police for logging forests with protected species

The forest group of Tjust has reported the logging company Södra Skogsägarna to the police for several species’ protection violations in Kalmar county, Småland, Sweden. Previously, we wrote on Protect the Forest’s website about Södra Skogsägarna’s repeated violations of species protection when they cut down forests with high conservation values ​​in Småland. Now six violations

Forest with high conservation values to be logged at Gallsjön – authorities do not act for conservation

Over 60 hectares of forest with high conservation values ​​are now registered for logging at Gallsjön in Vimmerby municipality, Småland. This weekend, members from Protect the Forest and the forest group in Oskarshamnsbygden’s Bird Club investigated the area. Several nature associations have tried to secure protection for the entire forest, an area of ​​over 300

Unprotected forest on the island of Ornö is being felled

A private landowner has built a road straight into an unprotected natural forest on the island of Ornö in the Stockholm archipelago. In all likelihood, this means that felling of trees will soon take place. A few weeks ago members of Protect the Forest together with islanders on Ornö examined part of the forest and