stig_006_liten The Calypso orchid, Calypso bulbosa, or The fairy slipper is Protect the Forest’s special flower. You see it in our logo and on our website. The fairy slipper is a small, beautiful pink orchid that grows rarely on calcareous moist soil in northern old spruce forests, the type of forests our organization wants to safeguard. We hope that the Calypso orchid will help and inspire us to protect not only forests but the entire life of the forests and their yet undiscovered secrets.

The Calypso orchid has been named after the Greek signifying concealment, as it tends to favor sheltered areas on conifer forest floors. The Calypso orchid’s Swedish name Norna comes from the norns, the three goddesses of destiny, in the old Nordic religion. They live by the foot of the world tree Yggdrasil, which weaves the threads of fate that control worlds and human life. We hope, even from these serious ladies, to be treated friendly and to be encouraged in our work.