Protect the Forest has previously drawn attention to the Tyresta Forest Foundation (Stiftelsen Tyrestaskogen) who have cut down many old trees in the Tyresta Nature Reserve. Now the Gotland County Administrative Board has reported the Tyresta Forest Foundation to the Police because of felling old trees in the reserve. Members from the NGO’s Protect the Forest, Save Tyresta Group and Preserve Haninge’s Forests, Archipelago and Cultural Landscape, have sent letters in protest against logging, held non-profit inventories and appeared in media.

An example of criticized management at Källvretarna in the Tyresta Nature Reserve: Trees were cut down and the stumps removed to restore old agricultural land in a damp area, but the area could have been left as a wetland instead. The stumps have been dumped around the field and deep ditches have been dug to drain the land. Photo: K Bäck

In several places where the Tyresta Forest Foundation has carried out maintenance measures in the Tyresta nature reserve, they have thinned out hundred-year-old pines and spruce and removed rough dead wood without inventorying the forests first. In the forests where the Tyresta Forest Foundation is planning management measures or in forests next to where they have carried out logging, non-profit inventors have found many red-listed or protected species that cannot withstand logging.

A 180-year-old pine has been felled. Most of the timber, which largely consisted of old trees, was sold to the FSC-certified logging company Mellanskog. Photo: Private

At the beginning of December 2022, members of the Protect the Forest and the Save Tyresta Group sent a letter to the Tyresta Forest Foundation demanding that the Foundation immediately stops cutting down trees in the nature reserve. Protect the Forest also sent an article about the management measures to all members of the Tyresta Forest Foundation. At the end of January, the Foundation paused all management measures in the nature reserve (including felling of trees). The foundation submitted the matter for processing to the Gotland County Administrative Board. This is to avoid controversy because people who work at the Stockholm County Administrative Board are also members of the Tyresta Forest Foundation’s board. Now the County Administrative Board on Gotland has reported the Tyresta Forest Foundation to the Police.

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