The Forest Festival is an exciting cultural event and the largest meeting place for non-profit forest conservation in the Nordic region. The festival is a manifestation for the protection of the old-growth forest and for a reformation of the forestry, with concerts, film, theater, dance and poetry. Lectures will be held about conservation, climate, nature-oriented forestry, forest history and ecology. Most of the lectures will be held in Swedish, but some will be in English. Guided nature tours, field trips and many exciting workshops on culture, health and nature. The programme is eventful for both adults and children.

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Some of the participants during the Forest Festival 2010:

Bengt Gunnar Jonsson, Professor, Plant Ecology, Mid Sweden Uniersity, Sundsvall.

Heidi Paltto, Ph.D., Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Uppsala.

Lutz Fähser, Ph.D., Forester in Lübeck, Germany.

Stig-Olof Holm, Ph.D., Umeå University/Protect the Forest.

Jery Skoglund, Ph.D., former at Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Uppsala.

Anders Dahlberg, Swedish Species Information Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Uppsala.

Martin Jentzen, Professional Forester, Silvaskog AB.

Anders Delin, Nature conservationist, Protect the Forest, Järbo.

Mats Karström, Nature conservationist (Steget före/”One Step Ahead”), Jokkmokk.

Malin Sahlin, Forest campaigner, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC).

Sebastian Kirppu, Nature conservationist, Granberget.

Martin Hallberg Åkerberg, Bird expert, Protect the Forest, Glanshammar.

Stefan Holmgren, Volunteer coordinator, Greenpeace Nordic.

Polticical debate about the Swedish forest and the forest policy with Members of the Swedish Parliament (the debate will be held in Swedish)





Esbjörn Hazelius – virtuos irländsk violinist, svensk folksångare och strängkonstnär.


Morgan Lee – An artist based in Stockholm who plays indie-country-pop.


The Wait

One Step

Vildhjärta (Wild heart), artist Maria Westerberg, Protct the Forest, Brunskog

Josefin Wikström, Bollywood dance workshop

Rebecca Lindahl, Artist, Stockholm

Fair trade, Örebro

Organizers: Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Örebro, Protect the Forest and Hjärtats Eko (Echo of the Heart). The Festival is supported by Hopajola and the Regional Council in Örebro County.