About half of the Swedish forest land is owned by private persons. The privately owned forest land is to a large extent found in the south of Sweden, often consisting of smaller real estates. The land is either owned by an individual, or of a common, which consists of many people who have come together and manage the land jointly. Södra is an economic association of forest owners in southern Sweden. Within this association, which also is a group of companies, forestry is conducted and pulp, sawn timber and interior products are produced, as well as bioenergy and wind power. Other similar economic associations in Sweden are, for example, Norra skogsägarna and Mellanskog.

About 25 percent of the Swedish forest land is owned by forest companies. The largest forest companies in Sweden are SCA, Holmen Skog, Bergvik Skog and Korsnäs. Bergvik Skog was formed in 2004 when Bergvik acquired all of Stora Enso’s and Korsnäs’ former forest holdings in Sweden.

The Swedish state owns about 20 percent of the Swedish forest land through the state forest company Sveaskog, the National Property Board and the authority Swedish Fortifications Agency (the defense). The National Property Board primarily owns sub-alpine forest in the northwest of Sweden and the Swedish Fortifications Agency owns forest in military areas. Sveaskog is the largest state landowner with its about 3.3 million hectares of productive forest land.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency owns 1.1 million hectares of land
, of which large parts are in mountain areas, national parks and nature reserves in the north of Sweden.

The remaining forest land is owned by others, which include municipalities and the Swedish Church.