Protect the Forest to the Swedish government: Clear-cutting of Sweden’s forests is a scandal, don’t let it continue!

Tomorrow, the EU’s energy ministers will vote on LULUCF regarding proposed increased carbon sinks in the EU, something that Sweden intends to vote against. “Shameful and ignorant,” says Protect the Forest. The NGO urges the Swedish government to stop turning a blind eye to the gigantic environmental disaster that is underway. In the appeal to

International Day of Forests- in Sweden logging is increasing

The International Day of Forests is initiated by the UN to raise awareness about forests and trees. This year’s theme is “Forest and climate change”. Several environmental organizations including Protect the Forest demand that EU’s ministers and leaders make decisions against burning forest for energy. Unfortunately, there is little awareness of protecting forests for the

Appeal against logging in Risveden – red-listed forest birds don’t thrive in clear-cuts!

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Norra Älvsborg has submitted an appeal to the Swedish Forestry Agency against Sydved’s planned logging of forest with high conservation values at Angertuvan in Risveden, county of Västergötland, Sweden. The forest is the home for the red-listed birds black woodpecker, lesser-spotted woodpecker, goshawk and willow tit, and is

The County Administrative Board reports Tyresta Forest Foundation to the Police for cutting down old trees in the Tyresta Nature Reserve

Protect the Forest has previously drawn attention to the Tyresta Forest Foundation (Stiftelsen Tyrestaskogen) who have cut down many old trees in the Tyresta Nature Reserve. Now the Gotland County Administrative Board has reported the Tyresta Forest Foundation to the Police because of felling old trees in the reserve. Members from the NGO’s Protect the

Temporary stop for logging at Risveden, thanks to non-profit struggle

Non-profit environmentalists have succeeded in making authorities implement inhibition, ie temporary stop for logging, in a forest with high conservation values ​at Björn’s Kvarn, Risveden in the county of Västergötland, Sweden. In the meantime, an appeal against the logging notification has been submitted. The landowners have previously turned down the option of forming a nature