Logged trees that are planned to be burned in a heat plant. Background photo: Bengt Oldhammer.

On the 14th of July, the EU will release proposed legislation determining whether the EU will continue to classify burning forest biomass as “renewable energy.” Yesterday, a day of action was held in over 15 countries in the EU, calling on the EU Commission to stop burning forest biomass for energy.

More than 100 organisations support the petition that already has over 200,000 signatures. Yesterday, actions were held in over 15 countries in the EU such as Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Romania, Hungary, Portugal, Denmark and Sweden.

The organisations state: 

“Burning forest biomass for energy should not be part of the EU’s renewable energy policy. The EU decision makers need to protect forests, not log them to be burned in coal plants.” 

The petition against burning forests for energy is found here

Want to participate? Join this social media campaign against burning forests for energy here: http://forestdefenders.eu/protest/