International call: Protect EU’s natural heritage in the North

Today, as EU’s forest directors meet in Sweden, 260 scientists, indigenous Sámi groups, and over 60 NGOs – representing millions of committed members and supporters –  have joined forces in an appeal to Protect EU´s natural heritage in the north.  In a holistic vision for Swedish forests, we outline five demands for how Swedish

Appeal to protect EU’s natural heritage in the north 

While Sweden currently holds the EU presidency, the Swedish forest industry and the government try to weaken and stop important legislative initiatives at the EU level (1). Today, as the EU Environmental ministers meet in Sweden, scientists and civil society launch a joint appeal calling for counteraction: Protect EU´s natural heritage in the north.  “The

Maria Vildhjärta Westerberg, Treetoo, a poem

Treetoo – time to say enough is enough

Maria Westerberg, also known as Wild Heart (Vildhjärta), is the author, artist and poet who feels urged to carve the forest’s last wish. She finds symbolism in logs and sticks and wants to protest against the forest eaters when they get too greedy. It is time for #treetoo.  Maria Westerberg (Wild Heart) will never call the ocean of clearcuts and plantations appearing everywhere in our country for forests.

160 year old forest is being logged while the County Administrative Board handles suspected environmental crime

A 120-160 year old mixed coniferous forest with protected bird species is being logged west of Bredsjöbäcken in Ljusnarsberg’s municipality. The logging continues despite that the County Administrative Board is investigating illegal land drainage and ditching in the area. Protect the Forest requests that the County Administrative Board in Örebro County immediately inforces an interim

En nygjord skogsbilväg är anlagd i området Vargtjärnen där SCA har avverkningsanmält över 200 ha skog. Foto: Forskningsresan 2022.

Sweden fails to protect species – old-growth forests planned for logging

The forest company SCA plans to clear-cut hundreds of hectares of natural forest with high conservation values in Västernorrland county in Sweden. The NGOs Protect the Forest and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) have surveyed the forests and found 70 red-listed species. The two NGOs demand that the logging plans are withdrawn: “These